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Green Olive Oil – The First Oil Of The Year

The term “green olive oil” refers to extra virgin olive oil deriving from the first unripe olives of the olive tree. Ancient Greeks used to call it omotrives or omfakio.

The “ἔλαιον” (pronounced Elaeon) logo on the label is the ancient Greek word for oil.

Each and every one of its qualities emanate youth, energy and character. It is usually produced in limited quantities because it derives exclusively from top-quality olives. The olives are handpicked in October and they are processed on the same day. In this way we achieve excellent quality but lack in quantity because the yield is no higher than 10 – 11%, thus affecting the final price of the product. Also, due to its rare “idiosyncrasy”, and high contain of polyphenols our green olive oil also has a longer shelf life. Consumers have 18 months to enjoy this unripe side of life! Green olive oil is by nature rich in antioxidants and combines a superior flavour with high organic value. Its strongest qualities are evident from the time of its production in October until July. As the time passes, green olive oil loses its strong taste and colour, but not its nutrients.

The organic green olive oil we produce is known for its bright green colour, which it owes to the chlorophylls in unripe olives that give green olive oil the most antioxidant properties an olive oil can give. It differs from ordinary commercial extra virgin olive oil because it has a piquant/peppery flavour combined with the fruity aromas of freshly-cut unripe olives.

It contains all the vitamins and provitamins found in olive oil (A, K, E, B-carotene), as well as minerals, trace elements and polyphenols, which protect the cells against oxidative stress, active oxygen and free radicals. It does not contain cholesterol, sugars, carbohydrates, dietary fibres and proteins.

After some time, pure green olive oil that has not undergone any treatment or filtering (apart from primary filtering) produces sediment (dregs) on the bottom of the container, which is a natural residue of olive oil and an indication of its purity.

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