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High Phenolic Organic Green Extra Virgin Unfiltered Olive Oil Is The Best


Why Unfiltered

Filtering olive oil is a standard procedure carried out by all large enterprises in order to improve the appearance of the product. The purpose of the procedure is to present the consumer with an aestetically pleasing appearance because unfiltered oil tends to look rather murky. Bio-green-oliveoilHowever, it reduces the quality of the product as it removes aromatic and therapeutic substances such as fenols including oleuropein, oleacein and oleaocanthal.

Only if you purify the oil by means of a harmless mechanical process can it retain all its beneficial qualities, vitamins and trace elements. The trace elements, which are responsible for its cloudy appearance, lend the oil its characteristic natural juice taste.

Unfiltered olive oil should be lightly shaken before use to ensure an even blend of all trace elements.

Why Organic

Organic products are safe foodstuffs which go through a chain of controls in all phases of agricultural food production – from the field right through to the supermarket shelves. They do not contain any ingredients harmful to your health or to the environment such as chemical substances, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides or artificial fertilizers. The coveted lable BIO can only be attached to those products that have been produced in compliance with the regulations governing organic products and that carry the relevant certificate from an organic controls authority.Bio-green-oliveoil

How To Distinguish Organic Products

The labeling and promotion of organic products should contain the following data:

  1. The national identification number for all certified products of organic farming.
  2. The description "Product of organic farming".
  3. The EU logo.
  4. The approval stamp of the certifying organisation.

Why Green Olive Oil

Green olive oil is produced from fruit that hasn't had time to ripen as the olives are picked in October.

These unripe olives contain the most polyfenols.Bio-green-oliveoil

What is the importance of polyfenols?

It has been established that polyfenols, especially oleocanthal, have the same chemical composition as the well known anti-inflammatory drug ibuprofen. The medical profession is well aware of the damage inflammation can cause the arteries and polyfenols protect them from just that..

What Are The Most Beneficial Qualities Of Polyfenols

The polyfenols contained in olive oil include hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol, oleacein, oleuropain, oleocanthal and others.

Polyfenols are a natural part of olive oil and they act as antioxidants protecting the oil from spoiling when affected by oxygen and sunlight. As a result, olive oil with a high polyfenol content is endowed with a high degree of protection and hence long life. Consequently its consumption protects the human organism from oxidization damage.

There is a direct corelation between fenol content and the taste of olive oil. A fenol content of between 70 and 250 ppm lends the oil a pleasant sweet fruity taste while that of 250 to 450 ppm gives the oil a more pronounced fruity taste which is slightly bitter. Olive oil with fenol content above 450 ppm gains the characteristic strong bitter taste. BITTER IS BETTER!

Bio-green-oliveoilAccording to the European directive 432/2012 issued by the European Food Safety Authority the producer can attach the coveted Health Claim label to his product only if the oil contains at least 250mg/kg polyphenols. It means, that in 20g of olive oil ( 1tbsp )must be more than 5mg polyphenols.

In addition, the label should inform the consumer that the beneficial effect of the oil can only be achieved if he takes in at least 20 g of olive oil per day. The fenol content per 100g of oil should also be included.

The Superiority Of Our Oil

The superiority of our oil becomes obvious when you compare the 432/2012 EU directive with the result of an analysis of our oil's fenol content , carried out by the National Kapodistrian University in Athens. The analysis established that 20 g of our oil contains 15,5 mg of Tyrosol and Hydroxytyrosol derivates. This is three times higher than the 5 mg stipulated by the EU directive. Our oil has now been officially added to an EU certified list of oils that protect against oxidization of blood lipids.

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