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We are a small family business. Our love of nature and the organic products we have been growing in our garden for many years now has led us to start producing organic extra virgin green olive oil. We began producing small quantities of olive oil (always using unripe olives), having noticed the lack of this pure product on the market.Bio-green-oliveoil

Bio-green-oliveoilWe carefully selected the site and variety of olive trees, which we tend to personally in all stages of the process. It all comes naturally to us, as we love what we do.

An interesting fact is that olive oil from the exact same olive varieties differ from region to region. This is due to the weather conditions and microclimate, that is, the local conditions affecting the soil composition, atmospheric humidity, local precipitation and the air. It is certainly not by chance that the Venetians had chosen this precise area 300 years ago (1720) to create the well-known, historical Venetian Olive Grove of Preveza. They were well aware of the unique microclimate of the Preveza peninsula, with its mild winters and cool summers. Therefore, the olive oil deriving from these olive trees has a unique flavour and aroma, combined with high nutritional value.

The variety of olive trees is LIANOLIA PREVEZAS ( KERKYRAS ). The olive oil of this variety has the highest content of total phenols from all other varieties in Greece.


We harvest our olives in the traditional way (hand picking), and therefore only the healthy olives are harvested. The whole family takes part in the process (as you can see in the photographs). On the very same day we transport them in 30-kilogram linen sacks for extraction to a certified oil press located at a short distance from the olive grove, where this singular, pure green olive oil is produced at low temperatures (cold extraction at 27℃).

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